You're Invited to the Roundtable Discussion

Monday March 22nd, 2021 2pm - 4pm 

We're Asking Everyone to Pull Up a Seat at the Table

Join us as we facilitate a conversation with local food producers and manufacturers, growers, restaurants, and retail establishments to talk about the resources that already exist and what would be more ideal for the future of our regional food-related economy. 

Learn Together From Each Other

Each of us holds a piece of the information and the ingredients to create a thriving food ecosystem. We need you to bring yours to help us shape what that ideal infrastructure could be.  

As we as a local community follow up on the Local Foods, Local Places initiative, we want to continue the conversation of what is, what works, what doesn't, and what could be. 

We envision a supportive, integrated food ecosystem where our farmers live viably, our makers and manufacturers are supported with the training and resources they need to scale, and the local food buyers have easy and affordable access to utilizing the amazing resources they have in their own backyard. 

Food Producers

If you are a food grower or food-related producer, we need you here – whether you are a small micro farmer, have a large national wholesale distribution production, or produce a product locally. 

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Food Buyers

If you are a lunch program coordinator, a local restaurateur, the buyer for a retail establishment, or any variation of those, we want your input and perspective on the current landscape of the local food economy and want to hear your voice in what you dream for the future.

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Allies/Interested Parties

If you see yourself in a support role in the local food-related economy and infrastructure, or just are interested in what is happening we want your participation. 

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Women's Business Center at JEDI

Trisha Funk

All the resources you need to support you in running and growing your business.

Shasta Cascade SBDC 

David Walker 

Shasta Cascade SBDC consultants work with business clients in a confidential, one-on-one relationship. Consultants offer their guidance and expertise to help build better businesses.


Shasta EDC

Todd Jones

Committed to To develop a thriving regional economy. Part of which was launching the Made in Shasta movement in 2019.