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What we know now from the first 6 rounds of the Ca Relief Grant Program that began on Christmas Eve-Eve of 2020 was that you have questions, AND feel much more comfortable when you get to talk to a human being about the process AND if you even qualify to apply or not, AND what to expect next after you do. 

In light of that, we are doing it all again. 

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Here's the Details:

New rounds are coming soon or are open now for additional funding for the California Relief Grant Fund through the California Governor's Office of the Small Business Advocate.

Join us for updated announcements about the California Relief Grant Rounds #7, #8, and #9 and get your personal questions answered.

We will cover:
* Who is eligible, When and If they need to Reapply
* What is allowable expenses for the Ca Relief Grant Proceeds
* How they determine Eligibility
* Where and Exactly How to Apply

And we will have much time each session to answer your personal one on one questions.

Register once and attend the one that fits your schedule the best. Or attend more than one.

Available Q&A Calls:
Friday 8/6 @ 1 pm (Waitlist Only)
Tuesday 8/10 @ 12 pm (Waitlist Only)
Friday 8/13 @ 10:30 am (Waitlist Only)
Tuesday 8/17 @ 2 pm (Waitlist Only)
Friday 8/20 @ 1 pm (Waitlist Only)
Tuesday 8/24 @ 12 pm (Waitlist Only)
Friday 8/27 @ 10 am (NonProfit)
Friday 9/3 @ 12:30 pm (NonProfit)
Wednesday 9/8 @ 12 pm (Open to NEW Apps)
Thursday 9/9 @ 12 pm (Open to NEW Apps)
Friday 9/10 @ 9 am (Open to NEW Apps)
Wednesday 9/15 @ 2 pm (Open to NEW Apps)
Wednesday 9/22 @ 1:30 pm (Open to NEW Apps)
Tuesday 9/28 @ 2pm (Open to NEW Apps)
Wednesday 9/29 @ 2pm (Open to NEW Apps)
Thursday 9/30 @ 2pm (Open to NEW Apps)

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We are a resource partner of the SBA and the State of California. We do not in any way, process, underwrite, or make approval or denial decisions on the Ca Relief Grant applications submitted. All applications are submitted through the intermediary chosen by the Governor's office Lendistry. You can reach them directly for any previously submitted loan questions OR any tech issues with their site at 888-612-4370.